Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the payment methods?

A.  We accept bank transfer or payment via your debit or credit card. 

Q. How is it best to wash the kits?

A. We strongly recommend hand washing. Machine washing may cause damage.

Q. Do the kits have the club logo on the shirts and shorts?

A. Yes - exactly the same as the player's kits. 

Q. What does the term 'badges' relate to?

A. Badges are optional badges that are added to the arm of the shirt. These are usually English Premier League badge or Champions League badge and usually, cost £3.

Q. If I want a player's name and number on the back will it look exactly the same as the player wears?

A. Yes, exactly the same font, colour, style.....

Q. If I want my child's name and age printed will it be done in the same style as the players wear?

A. Yes, exactly the same font, colour, style.....

Q. Do the kid's kits come with socks?

A. No, kids kits are just shirts and shorts. NO SOCKS . . . .

Q. If I order a kit today, when will it arrive?

A. We normally dispatch between 1-10 days of receiving payment and then usual delivery is 7-14 days from dispatch. 
Q. Why does it usually take 7-14 days for delivery?

A. Although we are a U.K.owned Company, the kits are shipped from overseas.

Q. Why does it take between 1-10 days for you to dispatch?

A. We do not stock the kits. We order from a supplier and it normally takes them between 1-10 days to deliver to us. Holidays, shirt special name and number printing, weekends, items temporararily out of stock or when we have an unexpectedly large number of orders are all reasons why it can take longer than you might wish for. 

Q. Can I request faster delivery than 7-14 days?

A. The cost is so expensive for express delivery, it defeats the point of buying cheap items from us. If you want the item any faster then I am sorry but our shop is not the one for you.

Q. If I order several kits, will they all arrive at the same time?

A. No. Each kit is normally sent individually in its own parcel.  If you order several kits, they are likely to be received on separate days.

Q. What is your refund policy if I am not happy with my item?

A. If the rare instance arises where we need to offer a refund, we will offer a refund as long as the item is returned in its original condition, with the original tags and packaging and within 14 days of receipt. If the error is ours we will pay the cost of the return postage. Please note that kits that has been 'personalised' cannot be returned.

Q. Why do you send all parcels Recorded Delivery?

A. Recorded delivery protects you, the customer - for the customer, it means that your parcel is guaranteed to arrive. If it does not arrive after 30 days we will resend your order free of charge. Please note that if a parcel does not arrive for any reason, we will order a replacement no earlier than 30 days of the initial dispatch. If you want the tracking number of your parcel please just email us and we will provide it. All our parcels to the UK are delivered by The Royal Mail. Please note during exceptional circumstances, such as covid, delays are inevitable and replacement kits may be delayed. If you do not want a replacement we will refund you  after 45 days of dispatch date.

Q. Will I receive confirmation that my order has been received?

A. Yes, you will receive an email to say that your order has been received. You will then receive an email to say that your order is being processed. You will then receive an email to say that your order has been dispatched.

Q. What happens if the item I order is out of stock?

A. This happens very rarely and you may choose another item from the shop or simply have a full refund.

 Q. What do I do if my parcel has not arrived after 14 days of dispatch?

A. We normally recommend waiting a little longer. After 14 days please email us and we can trace the parcel to let you know when it is likely to arrive. 99% of items arrive within 7-14 days from dispatch date. 

Q  Will I incur a customs or tax charge ?

A. We have never encountered any U.K customs or tax fees for the 10 years we have been selling, but very rarely a country outside the U.K may levy a charge. This charge is the responsibility of the buyer.

Q. What if I don't see the item I was hoping to order?

A. Please email us at :    and we will do our best to help send you exactly what you want. But please note that all the kids kits that we have available are already shown in the shop.

Q. Why do you recommend customers' use a personal email address when registering, as opposed to a works address?

A. We find that sometimes a works email address will treat messages sent by us as spam and therefore you may not see them. This obviously causes a communication problem and you may not see the status of your order or any emails from us.

Q. Why should I buy from your online shop?

A. We have been in the business for many years and treat our customers as we would wish to be treated. Our kids kits are excellent quality and are a fraction of the cost you would normally be charged. We have dealt with the same suppliers for over 10 years. Unfortunately there are many "Rogue Traders" in this Industry who will take your money and not send the items, or send inferior quality items. We are a UK owned Company, we speak the Queens English and we can be trusted 100%.

Q. What if I have a question that you have not covered?

A. Just email us at: and we will respond within 48 hours. Guaranteed.